Video Series coming soon! Herbal class last chance to enroll!

We are planning a short free video series here at Catholic Doula Program.

We want you to understand the benefits of being a doula and learn more about our training program.

Wepexels-photo-105028.jpeg also have information about other things like our current Herbal Course for Pregnancy and Postpartum. It starts today and last signup is today March 5th if you want to get in on our class for a budget friendly rate (worth $150) it is now priced at $55.00. See link here to enroll:

We hope to offer more Continuing Education classes for students, graduates, other doulas and mothers are also welcome to take all CEU courses.

We also host a rebozo course online at and this course is for anyone to take. You don’t have to be a doula in training to take the course! So check it out!


We plan to do a video series once in awhile; so if there is something you want to know more about please send us your request and we will consider adding it in to the next series. We hope to consider doing some podcasts or something like that in the future!! Keep also a look at our Facebook page best place to get updates from Catholic Doula Program at:


Been too long — Catholic doula seeking board members.

I apologize; I forget I own blogs. In fact we have 2 blogs; one here at Word press and the other one is at the one associated with gmail. Catholic Doula Program is growing! 

Catholic Doula is a doula training program been around since March 2014. We have had some wonderful helpers with our courses in last 2 years. However, we want to formalize our board or team members; it is time to get a little bit more formal in our approach to training and more. We also are now offering special programs such as an Herbal course starting in March. 

We are interested in several new team members. Here are some of the job descriptions. Yes, it is all volunteer work for now. We do have some ideas on how to add in mentoring where you would get paid for that (minimum payment–please realize our program is trying to be low cost and catering to stay at home mothers). 

Board/Team Positions available are below: (Note: We would like a commitment of minimum of one year but if you would like to help for longer that would be great — minimum through May 1, 2019). We will elect or ask for new members next year. 

Grader: This grader position helps with grading classroom assignments at Eliademy or other classrooms that we may operate. The grader will also grade discussions. The grader will answer questions or send them to President (founder) if you don’t know the answer. We prefer that you are either training through our course as a grader, so you are familiar with our program. A grader should be also Catholic or Christian. (At least 2 positions open)

Mentor description: You will help the student during a 6 month time frame with setting goals (esp. self-pace program) in order to finish within 6-7 months. The mentor will help with minimum commitment of once a month meetings with student via chat/phone/Skype. The mentor will be paid a small fee from the signup for above. If student wishes to add in extra time with mentor; that can be worked out case-by case basis or some reasonable fee the mentor will charge. A mentor can be a certified doula through another program; but should at least be familiar with the course (so looking at the modules/curriculum is a must). Mentor should be Catholic. (For now we will open up 2 positions–we will consider more; so if you are interested and the 2 are filled — please ask to be on wait list).

Diocesan Liaison in your state: We are looking for someone who is a people person/extrovert who can present Catholic Doula Program, St. Gianna Parent Courses and BLOOM to various dioceses throughout the USA. The only way we can obtain more students is to get the word out more about doulas and Catholic Doula Program (and our other programs). If you live near 2 states; then you can do both states or the areas that are close to you. We will also give you materials or digital files to hand out. This is something important–you won’t be doing this job alone! It would be nice if you were a student in training; but we will consider other members. (This position is open to several as we would like to get out to as many states as possible. If you are in Texas and want to help, please contact me! We are located in Texas!) 

BLOOM Co-director; We also run a program called Bettering Lives of Outstanding Mothers or BLOOM. We are looking for someone to help co-direct this program. We need a real visionary for this. Our website is We will be looking for board members for this as well; we can for now include your membership on Catholic Doula as part of BLOOM. This can change in the future to a separate board for Catholic Doula and BLOOM. 

Catholic Doula Board Membership Director: Help new doulas in training feel welcome. We will send you the welcome packet and things like that to send to new members. You can also add new doulas to the classroom if you are part instructor. Membership director would ideally know our coursework — so student in training, etc. (This may be also good for someone who is not so much as an extrovert, but still likes helping others). 

Marketing Committee members: We have one person who is going to help with marketing; but we ideally would like 2-3 people to help with marketing our courses. Give us ideas on low cost options; help us gain interviews that will give information to others; get us out on the radio in other cities. 

Curriculum Development: Maybe you are shy– this might be a good option for you; look at our curriculum and give suggestions for improvement for future. We are hoping to update our birth doula self-pace course, etc. We would like feedback on this. This would also be for our St. Gianna Parent Program too. 

We may have other board ideas; so please email us if you have a talent that could help our program!

If you are not currently a Catholic doula in training and are interested in the membership items above; we can consider a discount on the training as long as you follow through with helping us in our courses. Email us at 

Third Part of the Abortion Doula

Our “abortion doula” Lisa drives Sally home. Lisa is not happy that they have to wait for an abortion the next day. Sally is starting to have second thoughts.

The morning arrives and Sally decides to call “Birth Your Way” crisis pregnancy center (pro-life) and she gets an answer on the other end, “Yes, how can we help you?” Sally says, “I don’t think I want an abortion; but I have no ride to your clinic…and this person Lisa is trying to take me later to get an abortion.” The person on the other end asks, “Where do you live? We maybe able to get you a ride to our clinic.” So, Sally tells them her location and they agree to pick her up at noon. Sally hangs up.

Lisa tries calling Sally around 11:30; “Hey, Sally, I am almost ready — will pick you up soon.” Sally heard it on her message machine. She cringes…she really hopes the “Birth Your way” people arrive first.

“Knock, Knock.” Now, Sally is not sure whether to answer the door. She peeks out and there’s a young lady around 25 smiling at her door with a blue shirt that says “Birth Your Way” on it. Sally opens the door, “Yes, come in.” The blue shirt says, “Hi, My name is Maria and I am picking you up to take you to Birth Your Way clinic. Are you ready?” Sally nods yes. They get in the car just as Lisa is pulling up. Lisa sees the car has a bumper sticker on it “Birth Your Way” as they leave. Lisa curses and drives off…she has failed as an abortion doula today.

Sally arrives at Birth Your Way and finds the atmosphere so much more calming than Planned Parenthood. She agrees to the ultrasound test. They do it and show her that it is a baby (PP does not show images to client). Sally is happy to see a moving baby inside her. They tell Sally, “Your baby is 8 weeks along now and look you are having twins!!” Sally almost faints. “What?!!” “Look there on the screen, there’s a second baby and sac”. Sally knew she felt kind of big for 8 weeks; no wonder!! Maria is also the ultrasound tech and says, “Now are you glad I picked you up today? We can save your babies. IT is up to you if you want to keep them or adopt them to a loving family. We have several families that would adopt them.”

Sally says, “I think I would like them to be adopted to a loving family and they must be Catholic — my mom is Catholic and she would like that.”

So, they arrange the paperwork to do this after the birth.

Sally is getting support and help during her pregnancy and will be glad to having this birth adoption.

Abortion Doulas vs. Pro-life doula

Last time we started a story about Sally who was getting a ride to an abortion clinic from “Lisa” an “abortion doula”. I am not really sure if “abortion doulas” charge for their services or not, but who knows….anyway…we will continue the story…

Lisa and Sally arrive and they arrive at the Planned Parenthood. There’s a Pro-Life Crisis center right across from it (we are pretending here — so we will just make up a name not real) called “Birth Your Way”. Sally sees the signs for “Birth Your Way” and wants to go into that first. Lisa sighs and says, “No, they just want you to keep your pregnancy. Do you want that?” Sally was beginning to not be sure now. “I don’t know.” They both go into Planned Parenthood to be “indoctrinated.”

Sally is told by the clinic that she can’t get an abortion that day. The Texas laws require an utlrasound and 24 hour waiting period. So, Sally says to Lisa, “I am not sure, I want to go home now.” So, Lisa agrees to drive Sally home.

On the way out, Sally started to walk towards “Birth Your Way Clinic” before Lisa could stop her. Sally saw a lady outside and the lady greeted her, “Would you like to know more about pregnancy support?” Sally nodded. The lady handed her a flier. Sally quickly put it in her pocket as Lisa grabbed her arm and whispered….”We need to get away from here…they don’t have your best interest in mind”. Remember Lisa is an abortion doula.

Part 3 Next time


Pro-Life doulas

Welcome to our blog. It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I decided to find a new theme and like this one with the sand and waters. It reminds me of the poem titled “Footprints in the Sand” where Jesus carries us in our hard times.

So, my title of this posting is “pro-life doulas”. Did you know there are doulas out in the marketplace who call themselves “abortion doulas”. Those words should not even exist together. How can a doula help murder an insist child in the womb? Yes, I used the word murder. Abortion is murder. We cannot even support abortion as Catholics. We cannot help a mother obtain an abortion. Let’s give an example of what the abortion doulas do and how we cannot partipate in this evil.

Let’s name a young woman “Sally” who is pregnant and is seeking an abortion. She heard of abortion doula name Lisa. This Lisa asks Sally if she has a ride to the abortion center (Planned Parenthood) to get evaluated. Sally says no. So, Lisa offer her a ride. (WE cannot give anyone a ride)…..

OK, we will continue our story next time—but this gives you an idea to start out with. God Bless.

Hire a doula early 5 reasons why!


You got that Positive Birth Test and maybe even blood results from the doctor’s office.

What do you do now? Time to find a doula!

Who’s your doula going to be? 

Finding a doula early from 6-12 weeks of pregnancy makes sense in more than one way.

  1. Financially it makes sense to hire a doula early on. A doula fees can range anywhere from $500-$1,000 in some places. If you hire a doula early, you can set in motion a payment plan that makes a lot more sense to your budget and you don’t have to worry about finding one in the last trimester!
  2. The doula has experience in knowing about the birth options in your area. If you are not sure who you want for your doctor or midwife, then you can consult your doula for options and decide together who will be the best caregiver for your pregnancy and birth outcome! (Of course your husband or partner is part of the decision making process.)
  3. You receive emotional support early on. Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past and don’t want to repeat it or if you are a first time mother–any scenario may work for doula and mother. A doula is there to support the mother emotionally throughout her pregnancy and labor.
  4. Educational support-your doula can provide educational support from the very first trimester. If you hire her early, she may also offer more meetings with you and your partner/husband or even extra childbirth classes if so desired.
  5. You gain a friend for life–a doula is there to support your family and she love connecting with her clients after the birth. So, you can gain a friend for life too!
  6. Bonus–you can also hire her for postpartum work too! (If she offers this).

Check out for our network of doulas!

Doulas and Tools for helping mothers

Doulas are important for mothers and babies. But, how do you carry everything that you need for a birth?

Wait–maybe all you need is….the following for your tool box:

Your Hands: Your hands help mothers by offering pressure techniques, massage, and caring touch.

Your Voice: You carry your voice that offers loving affirmations to mother saying “You can do it!”

Your Heart: Your heart that is caring and helping with emotional needs of the mother.

Your Spirit/Your Encouragement: Helping mother by lifting her spirits, laughing and crying with her.

Bonus: Your Rebozo: The rebozo is a Mexican shawl that showers the mother with love by using it in gentle techniques and love.

Check out our new Royal Rebozoway Training at